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Theme Week 2017

Theme Week 2017 commences on Monday 27th March and this year, our title is “To be or not to be.” We have chosen this theme to enhance the school’s work on developing the children’s understanding of William Shakespeare.

Activities and workshops during the week will provide opportunities for the children to learn, investigate and study the plays and works of William Shakespeare.

Theme Week Projects

In addition to the timetabled activities planned for Theme Week, each class will cover a body work that will include workshops, challenges, art projects, written & creative tasks based on a particular play.

Year 6 - Romeo and Juliet                                

Pupils will:

  • Read and perform an interpretation of Romeo and Juliet
  • Build a scale model of the Globe Theatre
  • Write a Shakespearean sonnet
  • Mould a Tudor money pot
  • Devise some Shakespearean-inspired insults!
  • Produce artwork around the theme of Romeo and Juliet
  • Design and build a bridge to the Globe
  • Write a biography on the life of William Shakespeare      

Year 5 – Macbeth

Pupils will:

  • Study the plot and characters in Macbeth
  • Work collaboratively to prepare a performance of a scene from Macbeth
  • Write spells with the Reception class
  • Make sculptures of Shakespearean characters using wire and mod roc
  • Design and build a bridge to the Globe
  • Research the plague in Shakespeare’s Britain
  • Develop mapping skills by investigating the settings of Shakespeare’s plays
  • Calculate shopping bills when investigating money in Shakespeare’s time
  • Compare and contrast Tudor manners with expectations today
  • Plan a knot garden, choosing plants that would have been popular in Tudor times

Year 4 – Twelfth Night

Pupils will:

  • Continue to study the plot and characters of Twelfth Night
  • Paint a scene of the stormy sea that bought the characters together
  • Explore statistics surrounding the plague in Shakespeare's time
  • Create a poster for the play
  • Build a bridge to the Globe
  • Design Olivia's garden
  • Compare and contrast fashion in Tudor times, Victorian times and today

Year 3 – The Tempest                                                                                      

Pupils will:

  • Study the plot and characters in The Tempest
  • Enjoy and dramatize scenes from the play
  • Make puppets using papier-mache
  • Design and build a bridge to the Globe
  • Research the life and works of William Shakespeare
  • Plan a Shakespeare themed superhero comic strip
  • Draw calligraphic letter patterns
  • Investigate Tudor words and phrases
  • Write mischievous instructions for Prospero to give to Ariel

Year 2 – A Midsummer Night’s Dream                                                                      

Pupils will:

  • Read ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream,’ sharing in drama role plays to explore character and language.
  • Write a first person recount of an event.
  • Create a magical fairy garden
  • Describe position, direction and movement and make own maps.
  •  Write instructions on how to find Puck in fairyland.     

Year 1 – A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Pupils will:

  • Create and construct an enchanted forest in the year 1 garden. 
  • Learn and perform quotes from the play.
  • Make spoon puppets of characters from the play.
  • Discover who William Shakespeare was and gather facts about his life. 
  • Write a kindness/friendship spell.
  • Write and perform fairy poems.
  • Design a fairy forest and use Beebots to navigate characters around the forest

Reception Class Macbeth

Pupils will:

  • Learn about the farm in Stratford- Upon-Avon where Shakespeare lived with his wife.                                                                                     
  • Write a ‘number spell.’
  • Make and decorate a class hat for a witch.
  • Investigate Scottish castles and create own castle picture.
  • Create own crowns.             

Parents should note:

Our Dressing Up Parade will be in school on Tuesday the 4th.  The theme is “All the World’s A Stage” – which covers characters from all of his plays.

Shakespeare Spelling Bee - All classes will be having in class spelling bees to crown a King or Queen speller for each year.  Teachers will be supplying word lists to practise over the coming weeks.

The Home Project

We are asking families to create a model together that depicts a scene from a Shakespeare play or an event / place from his life.

All parents are invited to our Theme Week Presentation at 2.15pm in the school hall on Wednesday 5th April This is the children's opportunity to share their learning, talents and discoveries with the whole school community.

Open Afternoon and Exhibition follows the assembly from 3.30 to 4.30pm when every child can share their work with their parents. Additionally, the crosses decorated by each class on the theme of ‘Circle of Our Days’ will be on display.

Finally, thank you for your support in this very busy week of activities. The children really enjoy having a week off the regular curriculum. We would also like to extend our thanks to the School Association who are funding the workshops and art materials.