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Theme Week 2016

Theme Week 2016 commences on Monday 14th March and our theme this year is ‘Castaway’. We have chosen this theme to develop and enhance the children’s independent thinking skills, inspire their imaginations and to challenge and encourage the development of practical skills.

Activities and workshops during the week will provide opportunities for the children to learn about natural resources and geographical features, discover famous characters from adventure books, learn essential survival skills, tackle challenges and encounter situations where they have to solve problems and work both independently and as part of a team. We will also include physical and mental challenges linked to music, sport and dance.

Theme Week Projects

In addition to the timetabled activities planned for Theme Week, each class will cover a body work that will include literary examples of being a castaway, mathematical challenges, art projects and written & creative tasks.


Year 6 – The Swiss Family Robinson

Pupils will:

  • Create a model of Smuggler’s Cove with cliffs and a cave
  • Enjoy the story of The Swiss Family Robinson
  • Make and excavate individual island fossils.
  • Discover how creatures can adapt to island life.
  • Take part in a newspaper bridge challenge
  • Solve mathematical problems and challenges.
  • Use mapping and co-ordinate skills
  • Undertake a Darwin ‘thinking walk’.
  • Investigate mystery seeds.

Year 5 – Five on a Treasure Island

Pupils will:

  • Make working compasses
  • Investigate co-ordinates
  • Find out about tectonic boundaries.
  • Create a model of an active volcano
  • Research famous castaways.
  • Write character descriptions.
  • Use problem-solving skills to locate treasure chests.

Year 4 – Robinson Crusoe

Pupils will:

  • Share the story of Robinson Crusoe.
  • Use understanding of perimeter and area to create an island.
  • Create a leaflet that is a guide to survival.
  • Design and make a lighthouse using battery power.
  • Build structures to recreate ‘Camp Crusoe’
  • Find out how to filter water using natural materials
  • Participate in group challenges to develop practical skills.
  • Create a tropical beach scene.
  • Make ‘survival’ biscuits.


Year 3 – Treasure Island

Pupils will:

  • Enjoy the story of Treasure Island.
  • Build a model of Skull Island
  • Discover stories of pirates.
  • Design a pirate’s ensign.
  • Explore the idea of life on a deserted island.
    • Record diary extracts of imagined island adventures.
    • Construct a ship in a bottle.  
  • Learn some sea shanties
  • Create Treasure Island maps.
  • Learn about survival equipment.


Year 2 – Miranda the Castaway

Pupils will:

    • Read the story of Miranda the Castaway
    • Design and make a class rope bridge.
    • Learn about the journey of a river from source to mouth.
    • Build a model of a waterfall and river.
    • Investigate how to make cleaner water.
    • Plant and grow a ‘survival garden’.
    • Design symmetrical island flags
    • Investigate the best materials for survival shelters.
    • Write a poem about water.
    • Write a message in a bottle from Miranda.
  • Use co-ordinates to locate points of interest on Miranda’s map.


Year 1 – Miranda the Castaway


Pupils will:

  • Find out what essentials humans need to survive.
  • Create an island map and identify physical features.
  • Use positional language and navigate Beebots around the island.
  • Explore how we can use everyday objects for survival.
  • Investigate properties of materials and make a water carrier.
  • Write a postcard from the Desert Island.
  • Design and make a kite.
  • Create a model of Turtle Beach using natural materials.

Reception Class – Miranda the Castaway

Pupils will:

  • Share the story of Miranda
  • Write a postcard.
  • Listen to stories about castaways, sea life, food and pirates.
  • Make a model of a sea creature.
  • Create an island map.
  • Taste and decorate fresh fruit.
  • Design and make an island necklace.
  • Participate in a treasure hunt and construct a treasure box.
  • Listen to rainforest and sea sounds.
  • Develop movements to imitate sea life and island animals.
  • Create a seascape.


Parents should note:

Our Island Life Dressing Up Parade The parade is on Friday 18th March so please help your child to prepare a simple creation that they can change into for the parade. This is a good opportunity for your child to use their imagination. They can dress up as a literary ‘Castaway’ figure, an island creature or physical feature or an object associated with a desert island. This event is for the children only.

The Home Project - Islands We are asking families to create an island model together. This could be a fantasy island, a real island or even a recreation of something from a famous adventure story such as ‘Robinson Crusoe’, ‘Gulliver’s Travels’ or ‘The Swiss Family Robinson’. It does not need to be matched to what the children are learning in class. Ideas could be inspired by human exploration and adventure, discoveries, natural geographical features, natural foods, famous castaways or a combination of several things. The purpose is to focus on understanding and being inspired by island life, survival and adventure. We suggest that the ‘Island’ models be placed on a shoebox but they do not have to be. The models should be brought to school on Monday 21st March for display in the Performance Room. We will be using the room all week for different activities so please keep them at home till then.

Theme Week Presentation

All parents are invited to our Theme Week Presentation at 2.15pm in the school hall on Wednesday 23rd March. This is the children's opportunity to share their learning, creativity and discoveries with the whole school community.

Open Afternoon and Exhibition follows the assembly from 3.30 to 4.30pm when every child can share their work with their parents. Additionally, the crosses decorated by each class on the theme of ‘The Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy’, will also be on display in the school hall.

Finally, thank you for your support in this very busy week of activities. The children really enjoy having a week off the regular curriculum. We would also like to extend our thanks to the School Association who are funding the workshops, outings and art materials.

Mrs Macauley & Staff