St Anselm's Catholic Primary School

The Early Years Foundation Stage


We want our reception children to be happy and safe at school. We want them to be part of the St Anselm’s community, and to learn and thrive in an environment where they feel comfortable.

Learning in our Early Years classroom is experiential as well as directed, and we help our children to develop independence. We teach an integrated day, with learning opportunities available to the children in many different forms. The classroom environment, both inside and outside, provides a wealth of independent activities that allow children to grow in knowledge, and to develop their personal, emotional and social skills. Alongside this continuous provision, our EYFS staff are skilled in direct teaching and questioning. Carpet sessions and small group learning allow for structured, personalised learning, alongside incidental questioning and discussion with children who are learning within their environment.

We want our children to learn to work together, to integrate, to share, to solve problems, to lead and to follow. We teach them how to learn from failure, how to deal with a range of emotions and how to regulate their behaviour.

The children’s own interests and questions are often the starting point for learning. We have a thematic approach to our curriculum, which covers all aspects of the Early Years Curriculum and regular observations and assessment feed into planning for continuous learning. Our children are fully engaged in whole school collective worship, and also learn how to pray with reverence within their own environment.


Reception Curriculum Map


Early Years Medium Term Plans


Autumn 1


Spring 1

Spring 2

Summer 1

Summer 2



Click here for a link to the Statutory Framework for the Early Years


Our phonics scheme is Jolly Phonics