St Anselm's Catholic Primary School


School Uniform

Click here for the School Uniform Policy

Winter Uniform 

Children may wear either:

A blue blouse (optional tie)

A maroon pinafore or grey trousers

A maroon cardigan

Maroon or grey tights or long socks


A white shirt with a school tie

Grey trousers or shorts

A maroon jumper (with school logo)

Black or grey socks

All children must wear black shoes (no boots)

Summer Uniform

Children may wear either:

A blue and white checked summer dress*

White socks or tights

A maroon cardigan


A white polo shirt (with school logo)

Grey trousers or shorts

A maroon jumper

Outdoor wear

A dark grey duffel coat*, a school blazer or a school raincoat

School woolly hat and scarf (available from the office),

School summer hat (available from the office)


Reception and Year 1: A school book-bag

Year 2 to 6: A school backpack (compulsory from January 2019 except for the current Year 6)

PE kit 

Black shorts

Maroon school t-shirt (with school logo)


Black non-marking plimsolls (reception only)

Maroon jogging bottoms (optional)

PE kits must be kept in a named drawstring bag


Our main school supplier is school uniform 247:

*The grey duffel coat is supplied by John Lewis or by Beau Brummel

*The summer dress is supplied by John Lewis     or


All uniform must be clearly, and permanently, marked with the child’s name. School jackets must have a name tag sewn into the collar (fleece side).